HEGL Student Seminar

The second iteration of the HEGL Proseminar/Seminar, targeted at Bachelor and Master students, will take place in the Winter Semester of 2021/22, starting in October. This semester's topic is "Visualizations in hyperbolic space".

Find out more details by checking out the Seminar's Aushang (notice). Students who wish to enroll in this seminar should enroll in MÜSLI or send an email to Brice or Anja before July 22, 2021.

This page will be updated with the list of upcoming talks. You can also subscribe to the HEGL newsletter by sending us an email to receive future talk announcements.

HEGL Community Seminar

The HEGL Community Seminar will premiere on Monday October 25. All are welcome!

Location: Seminar Raum C (Mathematikon) or Online (access info will be announced here)
Time: 14:15-15:45


  1. 25.10.2021 Inauguration of the HEGL community seminar. Visit of the Lab.
  2. 08.11.2021 Samuel Lelièvre (Orsay)
  3. 22.11.2021 Jürgen Richter-Gebert (TU München) → Details
  4. 06.12.2021 Kate Stange (Colorado Boulder) → Details
  5. 20.12.2021 Holiday special!
  6. 10.01.2022 Sam Fairchild (MPI)
  7. 24.01.2022 Rémi Coulon (CNRS)
  8. 07.02.2022 TBA

Previous semesters

The first iteration of the HEGL Proseminar/Seminar took place on the Spring Semester of 2021, with the topic "Graphs on hyperbolic spaces".

Find out more details by checking out the Seminar's Aushang (notice).