Heidelberg Experimental Geometry Lab (HEGL)

The Heidelberg Experimental Geometry Lab (HEGL), created in the Spring of 2021, aims to promote mathematics via collaborative experimentation. It is the first European geometry lab to become a part of the Geometry Labs United initiative.

HEGL is a community that brings together students and researchers of all levels to learn and exchange on topics such as math visualization, the experimental approach to math research, the application of geometry to machine learning, etc. It aims to be an inclusive and inviting space for all to learn while having fun. The Lab also offers cutting-edge technology for 3D rendering and 3D printing, virtual reality, data-intensive computing, laser engraving, and more.

HEGL is a component of the Research Station: Geometry & Dynamics at Heidelberg University and is developed in collaboration with HITS (Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies).

Get Involved!

All students and researchers are welcome to Participate! by signing up for a project or suggesting a new one, visiting the Lab at open hours, attending the seminar, and more!